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Okay. I'm always trying new things. Has anyone tried this? If so tell me what u think of it. I will tell you my opinion after I drink this. This is not a Korean drink. It is made from Singapore, but kpop has encouraged me to try new Asian products. @poojas @stevieq @ErinGregory @kpopandkimchi @KpopGaby @BlueBear07 @PrettieeEmm @celesteyc @SharayahTodd Have yall tried this?!
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I haven't tried it before, but anything Lychee flavored tastes awesome to me. haha. xD
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I've never had lychee but I loved it. I will say the drink was sweet. I had to had water lol. But I would recommend it to anyone who wants to try something new. Thanks for your comment @StephanieDuong
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I haven't even seen it yet but I'll be in the look out now
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Omg this is really good I like it a lot lol but different people have different tastes, but it's pretty much a much sweeter lychee taste kinda lol.
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its kinda sweet for me but its not bad :)
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