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The youthful Yang glances at the fiery remains of what used to be a very peaceful town. He is male but physically resembles an innocent and naive girl. "Yin. We don't have time for this." They have until midnight to get married. If they don't, the entire world would lose its perfect balance of light and dark, war and peace, life and death. Meanwhile, the raven-haired Yin stands on top of a clock tower admiring her handiwork. It really didn't take that long for this town to collapse. Of course, not having Yang by her side does help considerably. "Yin! There you are." She sighs with utter disgust. "I can't marry you, Yang." "What? But... but..." "I know, I know. End of the world... blah, blah, blah. I don't care. I think I welcome it." Yang feels a sudden, overwhelming sense of rejection. It's not supposed to be this way. Yin observes one of the townspeople stab another with a long knife and begins laughing. "Did you see that, Yang? All of that rage. Humans are an infection. Balance will not change that." "They can also love, Yin." As much as she hates to admit it, he does have a point. "Fine! Just let me have fun tonight. Please?" "Sure. Just don't be late, Yin. I'll be waiting. Keep in mind that the longer you keep this up, the more peace you'll have to endure." Yang flies away leaving Yin to contemplate on the many ways to kill everyone below her. Natural disaster? Mass suicide? Perhaps a slow death involving carnivorous creatures. @VinMcCarthy @shannonl5 @buddyesd @poojas @EllieDean
I'm so sorry I didn't see this earlier! my bad! but this is really awesome. You used great descriptive language and dialogue pieces. I also really love the dynamic characterization of yin and yang!
@DanRodriguez I totally can! I think that's really cool though. It's great that something you like is so much a part of you. And the results are really enjoyable ^_^
Thank you, @shannonl5! :D I actually wrote this on the spot. Can you see the influence anime has on my writing?
I love this so much!! Thank you for sharing this @DanRodriguez I really really enjoyed reading it :D like @buddyesd said I can totally picture it!
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