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****WARNING: use of strong language in video**** As some of you may know Naruto is an anime that is filled with many, well FILLERS. Especially since the anime is coming to an end there have been mutiple fillers one after another, but this time the supposed star is Tenten. Tenten will be hosting for about 2 episode during the month of September. Which is most of September because new episode only come out WEEKLY. If your an anime only type of person you may not be to happy with this unless your a huge fan of Tenten. With the anime coming to an end, you can see people complaining alot about these constant fillers distracting from the main plot, and battle that is going on. THE GREAT NINJA WAR!! (Wait until you see the Youtube Comments for this Video, there mixed reviews. The name of this Youtuber is: ForneverWorld ) What your thoughts on the upcoming Month of Filler. Are you excited because of more episodes or do you just want the anime to be over and done with already? Let me now your thoughts on this down below :)
I don't know much about Naruto but this is a great card on the matter! :)
@RosePark I agree, the story of Naruto will always be remebered. I think Naruto Shippuden should end, but I don't really get the need for fillers at this point .(I dont hate fillers but im sort of excited to see the rest of Naruto become animated) Im guessing the wait is because theyre working on the whole new spin-off manga 'Boruto' or are trying to make the animation for the last few episodes the best they can :P Thank you for sharing your views on this topic, I really appreciate it :)
Personally I dont mind fillers, and I already read the manga and finished Naruto (which I wont spoil here). As you said, there are mixed feelings about this and there are people like me who would be happy if more episodes (even if they are fillers) come out and those who want the ending right away. If we are talking in overall here, I believe Naruto had a great run but its time to make an graceful exit and let the curtains fall. Even if they didnt make the fillers and finished the anime, people will still remember Naruto. Anyways, this is just how I personally feel about this topic, feel free to disagree, agree or make your own point of view :)