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I finally just finished it a few days ago and I'm so sad its over. I really wish it had a second part to it but all good things must end. Now I wonder, is this korean drama from a manga or anime of any sort or is it a original drama? I'd love to read it if it is a manga.
@SaraHanna it is so good I loved it and my mom even was keeping up with it and my husband too. @carolinacastane yess. but omg so good haha!!!
This post just made me want to rewatch this show. It's such a good show. I love it.
haha right i hate them all lol but i love them at the same time :}<3 i cant either lol
@carolinacastane nooo I have noooottt bit now I have to watch it. damn flower boys and their way of making me addicted haha. I can't wait to start it.
ahhh cha chi sooo gave me life :( this drama killed me a little bit once it was over i loved it soo much!!! the universal song became one of my favorite songs that is now on my playlist :}<3 ugh i was soo depressed when it ended should watch the flower boy next door of you havent already :o
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