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So me and @ninachan are planning to kidnap our Alien V. And we need all the help we could get!! XD
We need equipments to kidnap him. Will anyone of us ARMIES be willing to lend us the equipments??? We need: Money to buy plane tickets Ropes to tie him up with Something to make him unconscious for a few days And a suitcase that can't be able to detect anything when passing the security at the airport. And holes that he can breathe through.
So.... Who's in???
Plan to Kidnap V has started!!!!! Hwaiting to all the ARMIES helping out. And after we kidnap him we can make clones out of him for everyone like @Xinmin said.
I know this is what a lot of ARMIES has dreamed of so we can start this stuff now. @B1a4BTS5ever, @StarBabes, @StephyBAP, @xoxoaudra987, @bts486, @poojas, @PassTheSuga, @KpopGaby, @B2utyrisa, @aliciasalinas, @Taehyvng, @iGOT7BangtaBoys, @yehet27. Can y'all help spread the words?? XD
I'll help but just to let you if we get caught I don't know you and you don't know me okay lol
V doesn't know what's going to hit him XD
@KpopGaby I have 6 nephews @StarBabes yass we need u. *starts singing bts I need u*
i do wanna see one more video of bts
@ParkMeiFan great minds think alike 馃槇馃槇馃槝馃槝
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