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How to play:
-I will write a verse (piece of lyrics) of any K-Pop song **Note: they'll be Korean lyrics**
-Your job is to guess the song (please also add name of the group since most groups have same titled songs)
-I will reward 3 winners (RANDOMLY) with correct answers.
-Rewards can be the following: MV, photo or Imagine requests. (You don't have to request for any if you wish and for those requesting for Imagine, note that it will take me a while to come up with ideas so you'll have to message me and flood with ideas, okay?)
I'll start the game now, so ready, set, GO!
Jeogi jeo namja gireul irheonnabwa
Gal gireul mot chatgo seoseonginabwa
Ajikdo eoduun bam honja tto namannabwa
(naman nama Yeah~)
Jeongmal jukdorok sarang haesseonnabwa
Honjaseon amugeotdo motanabwa
Meomchwobeorin sigan sogeul mot tteonanabwa
Yeah Yeah Yeah~
저기 저 남자 길을 잃었나봐
갈 길을 못 찾고 서성이나봐
아직도 어두운 밤 혼자 또 남았나봐
(나만 남아 Yeah~)
정말 죽도록 사랑 했었나봐
혼자선 아무것도 못하나봐
멈춰버린 시간 속을 못 떠나나봐
Yeah Yeah Yeah~
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100%- Beat.
no clue, what song is this?
@zoila205 I already posted the answer, which is Beat by 100%
@zoila205 @WiviDemol Beat by 100%
@kpopGaby thanks! @osnapitzlilred Congratulations! !!