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《《A new level of Anime》》
I found some cool rather more realistic versions of some anime characters. See if you can find some of your favorite featured here :) Above are some of the Jinchūriki and Tailed Beast from 'Naruto' Do you remeber the names???
Here are some cool characters from 'Naruto Shippuden' Dont worry its not all naurto themed check this out below :P
If youre a fan of the Dragon Ball series youll like this ~(^.^)~
We've also have some awesome One Piece fan art!!! If you have any cool fanart that youd like to share then feel free to tag me. :D
If found some cool extras, see if you can identify these characters ~(^.^)~
Thanks for checking out this card, ill see you guys later bye :D **Credit goes to the original artist of these masterpieces***
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I was enraptured with this card
2 years ago·Reply
I wanna be #HokageForADay at NYCC! please support me
2 years ago·Reply
I'm with @poojas that would be awesome
2 years ago·Reply
Very Awesome pic!! Love them all!! >:)
2 years ago·Reply
sweet pics very realistic
2 years ago·Reply