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To all my Vinglers:
Mark your calendar ASAP! September 10-13 marks Kansas City's "Paris of the Plains" POP Fest, which stumbled its way from a couple bartenders getting together to a massive three-day event packed with all things imbibery. And not to be outdone by any other cocktail festival in the US, the city-wide block party features local and recording artists, Bluesy-Irish cuisine and night time entertainment that pairs well with all manner of alcohol consumption.
Just in case you had doubts about the seriousness of the event, here are the sponsors for the event this year!
Considered one of the most thrilling and MUST-DO calendar events in the cocktail industry, POP Fest isn't just a competition with bartenders trying to out-flair their competitors. With its appeal from novice and enthusiast to industry professional and connoisseur from all parts of the US for an immersion into Kansas City booze culture. While it's similar to New Orleans' "Tales of the Cocktail", POP Fest offers a series of seminars, events and other opportunities for networking, but with a unique emphasis on all things Midwest--Missouri-style!
If you're serious about getting your drink on in the next couple weeks, get your discounted hotel room through the historic Hotel Phillips. Click here for the $99/night room rate special. Hurry, it expires August 21st!
how cool would that be !!!!!!! I'd love it
I am all for it. :) @allischaaff
Ugh @marshalledgar I think you understand how badly I want to go to this one. Maybe someday you me and @rodiziketan can run our own Vingle Cocktail Festival :)