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I heard your summon @B1A4BTS5ever, I shall help, along with my warriors, and with my gear on, like N bwahahahahah
I'll help with those who are in need of my Spartan Security ways, to 'kidnap' this lovely extraterrestrial creature......
*process the plan of the mission*......... Wait...... what?!?!? You summon for my assistance for a KIDNAP, jeez @ParMeiFan can you call it something nicer than kidnapping? How about "Borrowing"?
Yes, Borrowing is much less harmful :) lol
Anyways, I'll accept the mission @ParkMeiFan, and to all of the ARMYs.. ..FIGHTING XD I'll tag people, that I remember @StephyBAPS @ninachan @KpopGaby..... I'm so sorry that's all I remember, but tag people if you want in the comments or go to the link down below.. Calling ALL ARMIES!!
@B1A4BTS5ever right back at chu
Jin to cook for us. V to smoosh with. Jimin to look at his abs and sing for us. kookie to dance and cuddle with us. rapmonster to rap for us. suga also cuddle with.
Borrowing does sound nicer lol XD
@B1A4BTS5ever right! funny, we all are stupid XD
@ParkMeiFan @StephyBAP let see if this work and if it does we go bap and the block b then exo than vixx then big bang then B1A4. nd so on
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