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I heard your summon @B1A4BTS5ever, I shall help, along with my warriors, and with my gear on, like N bwahahahahah
I'll help with those who are in need of my Spartan Security ways, to 'kidnap' this lovely extraterrestrial creature......
*process the plan of the mission*......... Wait...... what?!?!? You summon for my assistance for a KIDNAP, jeez @ParMeiFan can you call it something nicer than kidnapping? How about "Borrowing"?
Yes, Borrowing is much less harmful :) lol
Anyways, I'll accept the mission @ParkMeiFan, and to all of the ARMYs.. ..FIGHTING XD I'll tag people, that I remember @StephyBAPS @ninachan @KpopGaby..... I'm so sorry that's all I remember, but tag people if you want in the comments or go to the link down below.. Calling ALL ARMIES!!
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@B1A4BTS5ever right back at chu
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@StephyBAP @ninachan @ninachan so in the right now let focus here and get as much help as possible
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@B1A4BTS5ever right! funny, we all are stupid XD
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i can't stop reading this card when I see it. this is way to funny.
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