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I had to share this exciting news with all the Tokyo Ghoul fans out there. It's coming! Who else is excited to see Kaneki again, and ready for more awesomeness?! Because I sure am!
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@MarkKibe oh @tyragallegos10 lol I love your Yugyeom profile pic!
Gross. I don't want a season 3. Hell, I'm still upset about season 2. Even season 1. This whole anime screwed everything up. Maybe someday we'll get a real anime like how FMA got FMA:B...
@FabledDead you don't understand :'( tokyo ghoul is an amazing anime man.
I just don't want to see season 3 because the writer pissed me off -.-
@morkkibe Tokyo Ghoul is an okay anime. Season 1 was amazing, but season 2 ruined su many things that made TG special.