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I too spent a long time thinking about this question. This is also the only card I have ever made (so be kind). I have visited all the world's previously mentioned and loved them. Hogwart's would be amazing. As would Wonderland, Ombra, Victorian England, Hobbiton, Rivendale, and Narnia. But in the end all of these were read long past my childhood. The world I remember amazing me when magic was real was Oz. I dreamed of Spending a week working and playing alongside the Munchkins. To be kissed on the forehead by Glenda. Going on walks and picnics with Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion. Seeing the Poppy fields and Emerald City. Telling knock/knock jokes to the Guardian of the Gate. Having campfire parties with the Winkies. Fly with The King of the Winged Monkeys. Thank you to @LizArnone for the wonderful and thought provoking question.
Thank you so much for responding !!! This is amazing so don't be worried at all about it being your first post, in fact do more of them !! Haha the winged monkeys always scared me as a kid but everything else seemed so wonderful especially the munchkins :) im in the mood to read some serious magical books after today lol. But really if you want any help or tips about posting more cards feel free to message me !!
I'd probably be napping in the poppy fields all the time if I lived in Oz hahaha
Oooo @Swhitta this is a good answer :) your dreams of Oz are beautiful. Your card reminded me how badly I've always wanted to visit Rivendale, from Lord of the Rings! It seems so lovely and idyllic... elves are such a fascinating, elegant, mysterious mythological being :)
Thank you for your kind words. Yes the monkeys in the movie were enough to ensure many years of therapy. In the book they were being abused and controlled. They actually helped Dorothy several times after the magic holding them was broken. I would not hire them as babysitters, but in the end not so bad :).
I love this! I wouldn't have thought of Oz but it is a really beautiful world. I'd love to go there!