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Topsy Tail Tool

Remember way back when we try to create a topsy tail with this little tool? It's 2015 and we finally figured out there's a more simpler way to mimic this style - create an opening from your ponytail and flip the tail in. That easy. We totally got ripped off from this tool but it was dirt cheap. While we don't use this for a topsy tail, it's great for weave style.


I used to collect scrunchies in almost every color to match my outfits. It was fashionable back in the days. The colorful scrunchies might be a little tacky right now but there are TONS of pattern out there that are more stylish. And why we still love scrunchies? The keep hair off our face without damaging it like rubber hair elastics.

Snap Clips

These were the bobby pins of the 90s. And you can still see them being used on styling children hairstyle today.

Butterfly Clips

I still have a jar of butterfly clips at home. I'll probably keep using them until they break. They're really useful to keep bangs and front hair off the face.

And it's still consider fashionable.

Hair Comb Headband

The hair accessory almost every 90s mom once had is still wearable. Take a look at at Amy Adams rocking this on a high profile event.

Which 90s hair accessory are YOU still using?

all of them. I wasn't aware that these went out of style!!
still have the hair comb headband love it for when I really want my hair out of my face. also the snap clips. long, silverish in color and just plain. they just work a lot better than bobby pins. I just use two of the snap clips intead of 10ish of the bobby clips.
Funny enough, they've never gone out of style in Jamaica. Everyone here has been using them since they first came out. I have all these things in my lotion bottle, except the first one
schrunchies there just solter for putting my hair up at night.
Still using my mini clips just hidden lol too much curl for my bun!
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