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Dedicated to self-proclaimed lover of "anything with coffee in it", this goes out to Vingler, @Alywoah. If you want to see her direct quote, click here!


While the concept isn't exactly new, cold brew coffee has never gotten its wings for mass appeal and success. It's had a lot of jump-starts, but none as compelling or recent as Kevin Chen's foray into the frothy beverage.
Liz Clayton's Imbibe article does a great job of breaking it all down for you:
Chen was a product engineer and self-described coffee hobbyist in Houston when the cold-brew bug bit. “My brother gave me a Toddy system, and I came to really enjoy cold brew—especially during a hot Texas summer,” Chen says. In 2013, after playing around with a home-carbonation kit, Chen decided to sort out a process for carbonating cold brew while maintaining its delicate flavor. By the end of the year, he’d hit upon a solution,
and he moved to Austin to launch Coffer Coffee.
Coffer’s bottled cold brew is a different sort of fizzy coffee from what you’ll find in most cans and cafés. “We use natural carbonation, similar to the way kombucha is made,” Chen says, relying on the age-old combination of yeast, sugar and time to create a gentle, velvety fizz in Coffer’s cold brew. “That’s what gives the coffee a silky mouthfeel, along with an effervescent carbonation.”
Cold coffee in North America used to mean a can of something slightly obscure picked up at the international grocery store, or a mass-market bottle packed with stabilizers and artificial ingredients. So as this cold- brew revolution evolves, how do the products stay true to their quality-driven roots? Aylsworth and Freeman say there’s a big difference between yesterday’s highly processed product and their own packaged cold brews—a difference underscored by the integrity of ingredients, and by keeping the product on the shelf as close as possible to the coffee being poured in the cafés. “It is a mass-market product,” Freeman says of Blue Bottle’s New Orleans Iced Coffee. “But we don’t have carrageenan or stabilizers in our little cartons. We’ve got the same four ingredients that we serve in our shops,”he says: coffee, chicory, sugar and milk, all certified organic. “I want a barista to be proud of everything we have. I couldn’t ask them to do that if we had all kinds of stuff that we didn’t want in the carton.”
So there you have it. Want some? @Alywoah? :)
SOLD ONLY IN TEXAS! (insert sad face here) If you're in the Lone Star State, click here to see where you can pick some up.
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