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Hey guys! Last time I did a KPop Ab Challenge, which you can check out here if you really want to. I said I would do another ab challenge because several people wanted it, but that would get old, and plus it's hard to find more and more, unique ones without using multiple ones from the same group. So this time, I'm going to use HAIR! I saw someone do this a while ago, and this is where I got this idea. Credit to YOU for this idea (unless you didn't come up with it, of course), and if I knew you/could find that card again, I'd tag you in this. Anyway. So here we go, like last time. 1.) I want to see who can name all of them by just their hair styles and nothing else. 2.) I'm really sorry some of the pictures are blurry. I had to use this weird app called U Doodle to make them. If I could make it without doing that, I totally would. But you get the idea!! 3.) Please comment what you think/know each one is. Winner gets 100 imaginary points! 4.) I'll post the answers later (probably in a couple days) for those of you who don't know and want to know. 5.) I'm kind of going by difficulty, so the first few will be easy. 6.) Let us gooo!!! \(^o^)/ P.S. Each one has a very small, vague hint to help, and each day, I'll add another hint to each until they are all answered.
1. He is the maknae of his group. Why did I blur out a spot on his chest?
2. 하루 still gets to him. Changes hairstyles frequently
3. His group debuted while the UK was giving control of Hong Kong back to China. One of the "original" kpop groups.
4.) Are they five or...? Paleolithic Era.
5. Not ㅉ inside ㅃ
6. Indefinite integrals and Reimann Sums. He is also a flower.
7. A card sometimes circulates Vingle about them meeting their "older version." He first part of his name is a very common Hmong name.
8. An ancient (I think ancient) numerical system backward equates his band with the 15th non-prime number. He is also a sign.
9. 20222417. Separate this into 4.
10. This band would make cruel medieval torturers. Best At Partying.
11. He discusses social issues on Twitter. 전주 IFF 2012.
12. Challenge: I mentioned this band in a card. Once. Have fun with that. JK JK reversed.
These hints are a bit different than how I had it in the previous challenge, but I think this serves alright. Let's see who can name them all! :D Some people wanted me to tag you, so here we go. @DanieTate @Kpopandkimchi @B1A4BTS5ever @kpopxanime @jannatd93 @JustinaNguyen @JaxomB @Nini75 @VixenViVi @KutieKiKi @exokpop12385 @Feifei @ErinGregory @ReddViolet @PassTheSuga @FabiolaGavina @beckiboop1996 @poojas @AkiraCondry @RochelleDiamond @Iamrotamrot @jenniferrhann @KpopGaby @SHINee808 @FrankilliMambo @SashaLove @katiewarren @celesteyc I only tagged people that I knew, so that's why there's not like 9999 names.
AWWW thanks for the shout out even though you forgot my username. Here's the original card: Can you add this to the hairstyle community? Also feel free to tag me! I love quizzes! I also like how you made this much more interactive. :) Here's my guess: 5) Park Kyung from Block B!
And yes, 5 is Park Kyung. So now the only ones unanswered are 6, 9, and 12. :)
@HairConfetti yes! That's the original card I got this idea from!!
3. Minwoo from Shinhwa 12. Minhyuk from CNBlue?
1. Jungkook 4. Bambam
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