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@LizArnone asked and @LizArnone shall receive!! :)
I loved the hobbit/lord of the rings stories. I always wanted to go on an adventure. A hopeless quest...
to match wits with Gollum...
to battle Smaug...maybe not XD
and of course, save the day, with modern firepower...what? It could happen. ;)
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HAHHAHAH "COME GET SUM BITCHES!!!" That's how I always begin my Tolkien-style battles too.
@danidee did you notice the lost ring announcement? hehe
@buddyesd I think that's the point where I started laughing out loud XD this is so great. I don't know if *I* would have wanted to live in Middle Earth (I feel like the mortality rate caused by random orcs murdering people is really high) but something tells me you'd do ok...
@shannonl5 well yea, that's what the firepower is for hahaha