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Brides, I'm not going crazy; I just happen to love English Garden roses. You can almost smell the fragrance of these gorgeous blooms. Notice the enormity of size and the incredible petal count that begins at triple and goes up from there.
Remember, these are not hybrids. Nor are these your standard grocery mart rose, which are predominantly Ecuadorian. These blooms, in particular, are from Alexandra Farms, which specializes in English Garden roses in Colombia. South America has the riches soil and most favorable rose climate, the world over, so it's no surprise that these beauties are so large, lush and full of life.
Take a look and enjoy the view. Pick out a favorite and put it on your list of flowers to show your floral consultant for your wedding!
yellow is striking. definitely eye-catching
@marshalledgar I love the yellow rose color because it such a bright color that makes them stand out and be seen more
@PurpleChick these roses are among my favorites! Do you have a favorite color? My favorite rose color is pinkish-nude. Sierra roses have that color.
omg does roses are GORGEOUS!! ♡♡