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“To know what love is,” truthfully, how can I ever grasp its meaning. I remain unaware of its worth, yet I understand peace, sadness, tranquility, and joy. I understand corruption (and its bribes); I know the just form the unjust. These differences are the origins of love. I have decided to comprehend love; to decipher this enigma as the mixture of unknown emotions; to seek the “why” of every sentiment. While savoring each slice of wisdom love has offered to feed me, one at a time; such a sublime and ancient taste. I was born to learn form it. I have met the many forms of love and slowly I have witnessed the vastness of its nobility. I am left floating across the milky way, pushed forward only by the stillness of an ever expanding universe. Love’s consciousness has acted threw me, searching for light, inhaling the flash of distant stars.
Wow really well written! These images, like "inhaling the flash of distant stars," are so fresh and lovely.