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Thanks at @VinMcCarthy for tagging me in the flash fiction prompt this week. I picked the second scenario 2) During an anime marathon a lighting storm strikes and puts the people in the shows. they need to figure a way out of the shows or adapt to life in by the show.
It is Saturday morning and Mother and son are making plans for the day. The seven year old little boy eats his breakfast as his mom cleans dishes and makes his father's lunch for work. The little boy sits in his chair with his naruto action figure and kakashi playing hidden leaf ninja. He thinks to himself "it would be awesome to live in that world for such a day". Just then a light bulb goes off in his head... "Hey Mom can we have a Naruto marathon today, since it is so rainy out and I can't go out to play?" Did you say Naruto? You know that's mommy's favorite. We can definitely do that today. She responded to her little boy with a smile on her face "let's gather up some blankets and cuddle on the couch in front of tv, son." a the little boy finishes his breakfast and grabs his action figures and runs over to the coffee table and puts them down. He then runs to his room and grabs his transformer blanket. He sits on the couch and snuggles right in the side of his mother and begins the marathon. A few hours have past and the rain kept getting heavier and heavier and the lightening keeps striking. The little boy is getting scared. "Mom it's storming really bad. I'm scared!" "Remember that if lightening lasts as long as you wish for something it will come true. That's the power of ligthening. If you wish for something as it lights up a dark and stormy sky and you finish your wish before it disappears it will come true. That's not something to be scared off is it?" "No mommy your right" At that moment lightening struck and the little boy closed his eyes and scrunched up his button nose and wished to live in the world of naruto with his mom for 24 hours. As he opened his eyes he found before hi. He was in the hidden leaf village with his mother. He looked up at his mom and smiled. "did you wish for us to be here?" she asked her little boy. "yes for 24 hours Mommy!" The mother smiles down upon her son and exclaims this is awesome! At that moment Kakashi comes upon them, Excuse me have seen you seen Naruto anywhere. I have a very important mission for him and I can't seem to find him! Mother and son just shake their heads in disbelief. OK well ill get going. If you see that knucklehead can you tell him I'm looking for him and to either report to me or Lady Tsunade. "yes Kakashi Sensei...I'll make sure he does." says the excited seven year old. Kakashi walks away and you hear sakura yelling "Damn you Naruto. How can you be this stupid" The little boy takes off to the sound of the voice. The mother follows after. "Mommy let's go have adventures for the next 24 hours as Hidden Leaf Ninjas!!" That's exactly what they do....
I might continue this one day. Thanks everyone.
this is really sweet! I wish I had this kind of dynamic with my parents, lol. They totally don't 'get' anime stuff.
this is so cute XD I want to be in naruto's world too. take me with you XD
@VeronicaArtino I hope you do continue the story :)
@buddyesd thank you
this is an awesome story :)
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