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Once you've chosen your bias (if you want) please comment what you would do. I chose Namjoon and its actually one of my dream dates. I would love that so much and just sit down on a log, I would lay my head on his shoulder while staring at the moon and tell him how perfect that moment is and how I feel about him.
I'd take all of them to be honest and hide them in my cloud castle where no one will be able to see him. That is unless y'all want to live with us in the castle lmao
I would love to be with suga under a cherry blossom tree i would absolutely play with his hair and kiss hin softly on the lips and tell him how much i like him
Kookie. I would always cheer him on from the side, never missing a second of him.
@ParkMeiFan i thought we where all in this together hahah
They're all cute but I'd pick Namjoon's ♥ I love the beach especially at night
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