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Just felt like this is a pretty cool number to share:

Colorado is on track to collect $105M in pot taxes for 2015.

These funds are delegated in a number of ways, but some examples of how they're being used thus far:
- $23 million in tax revenues will go to fund public schools this year
- revenues from June 2015 alone hit $3 million for schools
- tax revenues that don't go to schools drop into the state's general fund
- a smaller percentage is distributed to cities that have pot shops
I personally won't be surprised if Obama pushes for remove marijuana from the schedule 1 list before his term ends, but full legalization will definitely happen within 10 years, and we'll be seeing this kind of revenue in every state--imagine how it can be used!
Let's make sure it gets used well. Let's stop funding the black market for drugs when we can.
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I totally agree! I think other states will be using Colorado as a good case for legalizing marijuana, and it will also (hopefully) help the $$ that went into policing these activities.
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@nicolejb And hopefully help spread some $$ back to the areas that actually need enforced.
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exactly @drwaht... or maybe like fixing our prison system ;)
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