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So I wasn't tagged but I kinda wanted to do it sooooooo here we go!!
Random facts about me 1. I like to bake cup cakes and cake with my mom 2. I have 1 brother and 4 sisters (two do not live with me) 3. I watch a lot of shows like way to many for me to count 4. I like to play with make up 5. I love to dress up even when it's not necessary (my family gets mad at me for that a lot) this was my 17th birthday cake shows my love for makeup and bts haha and I'm the one in this skirt I felt a little over dressed for San Japan but yolo unfortunately I don't have any pictures of my family
The most outrageous thing I've ever done was..... well I have nothing I haven't really done anything cool I'm pretty lame I'm sorry guys