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So as I'm here listening to music, Boys Republic to be exact, I just noticed something that I cannot believe that I have missed the whole time! I love their shoes. Like I need to find the shoes!
Minsu &Sunwoo have the most beautiful shoes I have ever seen!! I seriously need to find the shoes. I know know that you are probably thinking I have gone off the deep end, but I don't regret this post at all!

I mean just look at them! I have already been deciding on how I'm going to obtain the shoes. I have T-minus Two weeks until my fall grant comes in, then I will have those shoes. I will find these shoes for my sister and I!

I mean one look at them and I was like *BAM Hey there beautiful* I will be on the shoe conquest soon. . . 😍

I will have these preciousness soon. Just watch. . .
My sister and I, when we worked together, would automatically plan an adventure to the shoestore every payday on our lunch break in Search of the Shoes. . .

Them shoes got me looking like Su Woong!!

One more look at the shoes. *Le Sigh*


*I only own the screenshots, I do not own the gifs, video, or the other pictures*
@AimeeH hahahaha I am the same way with clothing
money* I got excited and can't spell obviously XD
@AndreaHamilton! Girl let me find where these shoes are. I will throw my money at the shoe place saying "shut up and take my miney!" XD
Me too! I feel you on the grant though!
@AimeeH Awesome!! Well I have to go sleep now :\ Talk to ya later :)
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