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The French Girl Fringe

This type of cut has been linked to French girl for the longest time. The disheveled, piecey, simple yet sophisticated fringe has been favorite for actress Zooey Deschanel. The versatile style is suitable for most face shape.

The Victoria Secret Side Swept

This one seem to be a favorite among all the VS Angels and it makes perfect sense. Most of the ladies have a really define jaw line, so a side swept bangs that blends in with their long layers can soften up their feature. The result, an ultra sultry appeal.

The Kpop Fringe

This type of bangs is popular among kpop female idols. The arc cut is suppose to frame the face to illuminate an oval face shape and draw attention to the cheek bones. Perfect for those with wide forehead. Avoid if you have round face shape.

The Swift Fringe

One of the reason why Taylor looks so youthful as age is her haircut. At the beginning of her music career, she had very define curls and no bangs. Then she ask Wispy straight bangs that hits right above the eyelid.

The Fashionista Fringe

In my opinion, the only people that can pull of the shaggy blunt bangs that sit above eyebrows look are fashion models. It's super daring and brings a lot of attention to the eyes. With that said, you really need to have confidence to sport this look.
What other iconic bangs did I miss? And which one is your favorite?
I'm more if a no bang type person
@beardman2869 I'm almost there. I'm in the phase where I'm growing them out.