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It just occur to me that as we enter each century hairstyles are getting more and more simplified. But we got a little more playful with hair coloring. Can we just go back to the renaissance time so we can rock these hairstyles? I don't know how the ladies in the medieval period do their hair.
I would LOVE to wear my hair like this everyday...
Pretty celtic hairpiece and pearl clasps.
Mini metallic rose pins on half up braid.
Stunning updo made up of curls and twists.
I see a mix of fishtail braids, natural curls and a few twisted buns in this low pontyail hairstyle.
And here's a simplified version of the elven hairstyle.
1. From two simple 3-strand braid from the side
2. Merge the two braids into one fishtail braid.
3. Make two small braid and wrap it around the fishtail braid.
4. Secure it with a hair elastic.
@HairConfetti I agree with Your statement hairstyling is becoming a lost art. Its a little saddening to me
video demo please!
馃槏馃槏! Ooo! Lemme go learn these!!
@esha thanks for appreciating! :)
I'd love to be able to do the first and fourth ones, though! Beautiful!
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