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"The door to our dreams, I've always been searching for it
I've been searching for a connection between you and me"
I love this photo so much! Look at my pretty friends and the pretty building my pretty friends are on! Not to mention those lions! XD
What an amazing day we shared together with our favorite photographer! Photo journeys are quickly becoming my favorite part of cons!
Hanayo: Stickehbun
Honoka: Dejavudea
Kotori: Angelipon (@Angelipon)
Nico: Jenni Bon
Photo by Yenra Photography (@yenra)
Great cosplays!!! I love that a lot of you are on Vingle too! :) @DanRodriguez @shannonl5 check this outtt!
Wow! Cosplayers are so awesome! Thanks for these pics and thank you, @poojas, for tagging me!
You guys look great!! :D Love the vibrant colors.
You got some great photos @Starberry I love this set!
You guys all look so great!!! I'll be with you next time I hope ><