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Where Does Everyone Get Their Cosplays?
I'm just curious, but where do you guys usually buy your cosplays from? Or do you usually make them yourselves? I only ever look at ebay but I worry about the quality of the sellers sometimes so if you anyone has more suggestions on where else to look to purchase cosplays that'd be great!
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@shannonl5 Mikasa from Attack on Titan is the only one I've done off Amazon so far I think ^-^
@JennaMorgan awesome! It's been a while since I've gone to an anime con... I miss them T_T I'm hoping to hit up a couple next year though!
I used to get mine from Ebay if I was buying a full cosplay, but I've since learned that most ebay sellers are actually Taobao sellers/people buying from taobao and reselling, so it's cheaper to buy direct from Taobao!! I prefer to buy pieces and make what I can, though, or buy from people I know directly!!!