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I keep seeing posts like this one and this one and this one that are talking about how "the way you put on your bra" says something about what type of person you are (and also arguing over the "right" way to put on a bra...uhh). Personally, all I think it indicates is what you were taught when you got your first bra! (And you can put on your bra however you want to).
But maybe I'm wrong, so I'm going to share the "results" of this so far, and you can tell me if you agree or not, ok? Cool.

Here's how Hello Giggles' writer classified us bra fasteners:

1. Your bra clasps in the back, and so do you. If you somehow have the dexterity to reach behind and clasp your bra in the back (you can tell this isn’t my preferred method), then you’re a supporter. You’re traditional and straightforward. You’re somebody your friends can rely on.
2. You clasp in the front and then spin around. Then you’re an influencer, which is a fancy name for people who like to look the part and have their bases covered. You don’t want to risk improperly clasping, so you do all the tricky stuff right where you can see it.
3. You buy bras that clasp in the front. Why fumble around with complicated back-clasps when you can buy a bra that makes it easy? This is what makes you a driver, someone efficient and dedicated. Your bras are high quality because you don’t have time for anything less.
4. You clasp before you even put on your bra. You slither into your already clasped garment because you’re a corrector. Clasping is a one-and-done thing. You do it right so you never have to do it again. It’s not fancy, but it’s accurate.
Ok, so! Are these accurate or not?! I think it's kind of silly, but hey, I'm too much of a skeptic sometimes!
this seems so out there. I put mine on the way I feel comfortable each day (front, back or no clasp wiggle on type sportsbra.) putting one on doesn't narrow down who you are as a person. it just simply tells ppl you have one on. wearing breifs, boxers or boxerbriefs doesn't describe a man. they wear what is comfy for them.
majority women clasp in the front and turn the bra aroUnd...#2...source:I work at a bra store
@smnthcarter773 I agree with you,but I don't think this is meant to be accurate.