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When @Mattk95 Tag me in the KPOP back-to-school playlist challenge I already knew what's going in my mix tape. Thanks @@poojas for coming up with this theme! I was super exited for Wonder Girl's Reboot album and it fit the theme so well, I can't help but made a cover photo for this challenge.
Here you go!

For those of you starting school, I (totally) Feel You!

You're probably still stuck in summer vibe but hang in there!
Hopefully you can finally adjust within the next couple weeks.

Can't wake up in the morning? Don't want to go to school?

Set your alarm to "RING DING DONG" on loud.

You'll get up in no time and might even want to dance your way to the bathroom to get ready.

Who's doesn't want to go to a school like DREAM HIGH?

But in reality, school doesn't look this fun, but you can always make it more exciting with group of friends! Gather some people together and do a few Kpop covers.
When you're stuck doing math equations, you can always rely on

LOVE EQUATION to give you inspiration.

I'm sure all the numbers will make sense after this. lol.
And when you're having a hard time,

Class B can totally cheer you up.

C'mon, the adorable dance, voices, and colorful outfits can brighten anyone's day!
Time to time, you'll feel like things are not uncertain in life.

Know that you're not alone in this narrow ROAD.

We all have those days. We just need to figure it out step-by-step.
At the end of the day, school might suck and things can get stressful.


"You gotta do what you gotta do!"

And Don't forget you have FRIENDS here on Vingle 24/7 all around the globe.

@MattK95 Thanks for tagging! Can't wait to listen to your playlist. @kpopandkimchi The song is too good! Have you listen to their band version of "Nobody"?
I Feel You is seriously my summer ANTHEM
Love it ^^ great songs, and a very well put together list, thanks for doing the challenge :D