The US government is setting itself up for a lot of online criticism with the recent announcement that government agencies will be getting Yelp pages. Several government agencies, including TSA, already have Yelp pages set up, but now government officials can access these pages. This means they'll respond to citizen complaints and better understand how to make their agencies run a little smoother.
To get an idea for how people are using these Yelp pages already, check out these TSA reviews - some pleasant, some...well...it is the Internet after all.

"Are you my girlfriend???? Are we dating???"

TSA is not the only government agency up for review on Yelp. Users can rate everything from a national park to a local post office.

Does this mean that I can give the DMV zero stars?!

Although I'm usually pretty cynical towards the US government, this actually seems like a good move to inform better decision making in government agencies.

"This allows agencies to go in and engage, and dedicate customer service staff to monitoring the feedback," said a government spokesperson.

It seems like a smart step in the right direction toward more collaborative public service in the United States. That being said, we've all experienced the wrath of a mean Internet commenter, so hopefully US citizens use it in a productive way instead of simply trolling the US government.