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Giovanna Battaglia, the senior fashion editor for Vogue Japan and contributing editor for W magazine, has styled and written for almost every major fashion publication. The Italian-born New York City import has become something of an icon for her amazing street style. With her up-for-anything approach to style, Battaglia's look is tough to pin down, but I gave it a shot anyway.
A-line jackets.
Battaglia has a killer coat collection I would die to own even a fraction of. One style she's particularly drawn to are a-line jackets and coats that flare out dramatically from her body. When this silhouette is combined with a cool print, the finished result is magic (and so enviable).
Luxe leopard prints.
Maybe it's the Italian in her, or maybe she's just that chic, but Battaglia knows how to take leopard to another level. She works the fun and flirty spots like they're the most sophisticated print around, looking anything but gaudy covered in leopard.
Unique florals.
Battaglia is always down to try a bright print, and with her energetic and cheerful personality, poppy florals always look interesting. From embroidered plants to cartoon flowers, she rocks unique floral prints and keeps them from looking boring or sugary sweet.
Short skirts, tall boots.
When it comes to proportion, Battaglia isn't afraid of anything. One day she'll be swathed in fabric from head-to-toe, and the next she's baring all in a tiny mini. One way she changes it up is with the shortest of skirts paired with tall leather boots. Somehow, she can chop up her frame and still make it flattering, but it adds uniqueness to her look, too.
Battaglia's look is so different each time we see her, and yet each ensemble feels so indescribably "her," that it makes me feel like I can take on the world, or at least an eye-catching outfit.
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If only I knew how to work a sewing machine, and how to make clothes. My wardrobe would be completely different than how it is now. *sigh*