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If you didn't get a chance to check out the first part of my short series Brief Interviews With Everyday Men [click here].
Brief Overview: I created this three part series as a spinoff of the novel and film Brief Interviews With Hideous Men as a way to get inside the mans head. As women we often question mens motives and decisions because we simply don't understand them. This series was a way to help men express themselves and help women get a better understanding of how the male truly thinks.
Subject #18 allowed us to peak inside the mind of the everyday man and in the end left us wanting more. I had the opportunity to sit down with Subject #47 and ask him the same exact questions I asked Subject #18. Most of their answers were slightly identical, but it was nice to see the comparisons and differences in answers. Both subjects kept it real, raw and didn't sugar coat anything. As a woman, it was nice to see this side of a man and have them open up completely.
If you've been following the series or just happen to be interested in digging a bit deeper inside the mind of the male -- keep reading.
Q: Are you single? If so, why?
A: Yes. Mainly because I've tried to force things in the past and love doesn't work that way. You have to jst let things happen and I always tried to manipulate the situation myself instead of letting natural love occur.
Q: How long have you been single?
A: I've been single since 2008 and that was a middle school relationship so I'm not sure if that even counts.
Q: Has being single taught you any lessons that you wish you had known when you were in a relationship?
A: Being single has taught me that you have to truly love yourself first before you even consider loving anyone else.
Q: Do you enjoy the single life? Why or why not?
A: Yes, because I'm free to do what I feel as long as I don't hurt anybody in the process but of course I would love one woman to give my all to.
Q: Do you feel like more of a man when you're in a relationship?
A: Yup, "nothing make a man feel better than a woman".
Q: There probably isn't one correct answer and you might not even have an answer at all, but why do men cheat?
A: The men who cheat do it for different reasons but I believe it all boils down to something their battling inside of them whether they really feel unappreciated or if they just are insecure men.
Q: Have you ever cheated before? Been cheated on? What was the cause?
A: Never cheated and never been cheated on.
Q: Do you think with cheating comes insecurity?
A: Definitely, possibly on both ends as well.
Q: What do you believe is the main foundation besides trust, that a relationship needs in order to survive and grow?
A: Love, if that's present nothing else eve matters.
Q: How do you feel about online dating? Do you feel like today's society doesn't take dating as serious because of online dating?
A: Online dating is cool but you kind of have to leave what's online, online. Today's society just needs to learn ho to put the cell phones away on dates and cherish moments of people while their in our presence.
Q: Are all men a little shallow?
A: No, of course some are but not all.
Q: Have you ever been in love before?
A: I live in love.
Q: How old were you when you first fell in love?
A: 14-15
Q: What is your definition of love? Do you feel like people use the word too loosely?
A: Love is the purest force in my definition; the feeling which nothing compares. And I think people don't use the word to loosely but rarely grasp the true feeling of it to know what it really is.
Q: Do titles really mean anything at the end of the day?
A: Damn, tough question. I see both ends of the spectrum because for me personally titles don't really define anything. But consider how a person would feel if they were madly in love with someone whom the feeling was mutual and when asked what's their relationship they say they're just friends.
But let's be real ladies, the "I live in love" reference made you melt a little bit. It's obvious that Subject #47 is a smooth one and has a way with his words.

Admit it. He created a soft spot in your heart. I know.

Keep a look out for the third and final part of this series.
ohhhhhh he has such sweet lines <3
“Love is the purest force” I’ve never heard it described that way! Love that!
doesn't he? I was so digging' them @LizArnone
Neither had I!!! Perfect description :) @nicolejb