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When your days consists of work and no play, it's essential to plan out your week in order to stay organized and productive. I like to log my activities in a journal, agenda, or monthly planner. I highly recommend starting a 2 week beauty plan in order to get your skin care, hair, body, nails, etc. on the right track.

Week 1:

Monday: Start the week my drinking more water.
Tuesday: Establish your everyday skin care routine.
Wednesday: Give yourself a manicure.
Thursday: Apply a facial mask.
Friday: Take a bubble bath.
Saturday: Test out some new hairstyles.
Sunday: Make a DIY beauty treatment.

Week 2:

Monday: Start a new and exciting exercise routine.
Tuesday: Apply a self tanner.
Wednesday: Give yourself a pedicure.
Thursday: Apply an intensive hair mask.
Friday: Do a full body exfoliation.
Saturday: Treat yourself to a scalp massage.
Sunday: Add a new “beauty” food to your meal.