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Obviously we all love Netflix for the binge-watching bliss it provides. A recent study came out using numbers to prove just how amazing Netflix really is (don't worry, there aren't too many numbers). This time, it puts it in the perspective of something we all really hate: commercials. Let me set it up for you.
An average person watches 1.5 hours of Netflix a day.
Every hour of cable television has about 15 minutes and 30 seconds of commercials.
Then someone smarter than me did some cool math stuff to find...

Every year, Netflix saves its subscribers from 130 hours of commercials. That's 5.4 days of commercials. That's an entire work week of commercials. WOAH.

Exstreamist, the site that conducted the study put this data in numbers that us binge-watchers could better understand.

This is essentially the number of days, hours, minutes, etc. that we would have lost if beautiful, wonderful, amazing Netflix didn't exist.

Shouts outs to Netflix as it continues to be the real MVP of the Internet.