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At the end of each vignette I'll ask you guys to tell me what the next step should be. Vote for your favs in the comments and I'll continue the story with the one with the most likes!
It was way too hot in the VIXX practice room for 3am and the members were restless. They had been practicing too long and hard to go to sleep at this point, so when Ravi suggested grabbing food before heading back to the dorm the other members were all for it.
"Are we ordering the chicken or going out to get it?!" asked Hakyeon in the giddy voice he always slips into when he knows he'll be eating chicken soon.
"Who said we were getting chicken, hyung? Can't we just make Kong-hyung grab McDonald's or something?" Hyuk whined.
"Uh, since when am I the McDonald's delivery guy?" Hongbin suddenly snapped out of his moment of zoning-out.
"We always get chicken! We all love chicken!" Hakyeon is genuinely confused by the sudden anti-chicken comment.
"Bin-a," a quiet voice piped in. "Get coffee too."
"HYUUUUNG, I'm not getting McDonald's for everyone! I just wanted to sleep!"
"and one of those ice cream cones...with the sprinkles on the cone? It's chocolate dipped too!" Jaehwan started talking fast as he got more excited about the prospect of ice cream.
Hakyeon, in an attempt to stop the mutiny, started dialing the number for Ne Ne Chicken which he had memorized, obviously.
"HYUNG PUT THE PHONE DOWN" erupted the 93 line. Ravi was pointing a water bottle right at Hakyeon's face, ready to do damage. Hakyeon's banana milk was in grenade-throwing position without missing a beat.
The maknae stepped in to defuse the situation before it turned ugly.
"Let's just rock-paper-scissors the decision so we can go home already."
"Leo-hyung isn't allowed. He cheats!!!" Ravi said, sick of losing to Leo every single time.
"No I d-"
"Fine then let's settle this the old fashioned way," Jaehwan suddenly stands up.

"It is time for..."

What competition will they have to decide dinner?

The weirder the better hahahaha
Girl group dance off!
The all pair up and play the Pepero game to decide on dinner. (Also, I secretly want Onew to come steal all their chicken whenever they get it) XD
ROCK PAPER SCISSORS! *flips hair* keke, its my first time doing this, sorry if I made any mistakes...
I'm really boring when it comes to stuff like this… but I think what poojas said would be fun.
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