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archetype [n.] - a very typical example of a certain person or thing.

If you find yourself contemplating over what specific perfume you want to spray on after showering in the morning, you might be able to save yourself the hassle. What if I were to tell you that there was a fragrance line that matched your personality to the perfect scent? Well you're in store for a treat because new fragrance line Archetypes has created a line of perfumes that are personality based.
You're probably asking yourself, "how in the world is this possible?" Well before you frazzle your brain thinking of all the possibilities, allow me to explain. The way this process works is you would take a personality test and based on your results you would choose the best archetypes that describe you. How exciting [complicated] does that sound?
If you're confused, it's easier than it sounds. Welcome to the 21st century folks. Founder of the fragrance line Cristina Carlino says, “By understanding Archetypes, you become a ‘coder’—someone with a secret shorthand to the energies of the universe.” This perfume line comes in a selection of twelve scents to specifically fit your personality or [archetype] and they run you about $64.

What do you think about this next level fragrance collection?