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So, we are all pretty baffled by Trump and why he’s even in the polls. Like, is there anyone out there that is planning on voting for him? Any who, turns out there are people out there who are worse then Trump (or at least just as bad).
How these people think they can actually WIN a political race, is beyond me. Anyway, check out this list of people the world will NOT be voting for office, but probably to have their own reality show.

This 15-year-old that’s running for President.

Deez Nuts, the Independent candidate is polling at 9 percent in North Carolina for President of the United States. His real name is Brady Olson and he's 15 years old, about to enter his sophomore year of high school
In an interview with Rolling Stone they asked: What do you think qualifies you to be president?
His response: The fact that if I can fill out a form so vague that it doesn't include your age, or the fact that all get accepted even if they're only partially filled, anyone can run.
Nice one, Deez Nuts. Nice one.

This guy from Canada that’s running for Parliament.

Probably the weirdest political campaign video I’ve ever seen. Wyatt Scott, an independent candidate for Canada parliament, seems to have a lot of intense feelings a’boot this election. Is it just me or is he like a nerdy version of Trump?
When he can actually grow a beard in a second and kill a robot with his eyes, then I’ll vote for him.

This 3-year-old running for Mayor

Last year, his older brother ran for Mayor and WON. What did he do while in office? He donated to charity (awwww) and made sure everyone appreciates ice cream. Now his endorsing his younger (3 year old) brother for Mayor. But it’s ok, it’s just a small town in Minnesota.

This dude with a Boot on his head running for... everything?

This is Vermin Love Supreme. His a performance artist that enjoys campaigns and acting...well, weird. He’s run for several elections, with his number one political plight: to get everyone to brush their teeth.
“A Vote for Vermin Supreme is a vote completely thrown away.”
At least he’s not taking himself so seriously. I’m pretty sure I’d vote him for President! #VerminSupremeforPrez
At least Trump isn’t as crazy as these guys...right? @LizArnone @christianmordi @drwhat @virginvingler @LauraFisher
that Canadian guy is my hero. did you see how he killed that dragon or whatever? why aren't more political ads like his
I'm with @alywoah hhahahha I'm all about DEEEEZZZ NUTS ! or Vermin Supreme because he's puny
Hahah lovee ittt!!! Deez Nuts should win lol
It’s the little things @drwhat...
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