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It's not easy being an anxious, perfection-oriented workaholic. ;)

People may think it's annoying, but you have no problem stepping up when there's need for a leader.

And when you notice mistakes in your work you get really anxious. Likewise if you see mistakes in others' work. It's a slippery slope.

Sometimes you can't resist the urge to correct people.

And when people take your criticism too harshly you're just like "whatever."

When things aren't going your way at work, or school sometimes you get a little...touchy.

Perhaps a bit manic and crazy. You just want to do well!

You've always got a list. And you follow it to the T.

And when people tell you "things are going to take time" you don't believe them, but are willing to work as hard as possible to make them happen faster.

What's wrong with success right now?

People can't help but admire you because you're really dedicated to everything you do.

At times you even admire yourself!

Because you have to admit, giving your all EVERY DAY is really hard.

And if people ever have a problem with your Type A-ness, you just keep working harder, because you're just wired like that.

Every day is the main event for you. There's nothing wrong with that! But, you could slow wouldn't kill ya! ;)
@TessStevens I sure do! xp its addicting though
Yeah @BPF1916 it can go both ways for me. Some days it's a great release and others...well you get the idea
finally someone xp @TessStevens you know that that's what I love about writing... it relieves us of all that stress because it doesn't demand perfection xp and when we look for it we block I guess xp
@BPF1916 ABSOLUTELY That is 99 percent of my problem! hahah
sometimes I get frustrated with my self about being frustrated with my self! anyone understands this? :x