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You just worked your ass off all summer. You've been hitting the gym, swimming, eating healthy and have seen some amazing progress. You feel strong, you feel energized, you feel happy and confident and ready to hit the beach with a smile to show off your hard work. But now summer is ending, the last few beach days are flying by and all the stores have their over sized sweaters, vests, jeggings and boots. They look amazing, mostly because drinking hot coco and eating a cupcake is a lot easier to do in a sweater then a crop top.
So enjoy the cupcake and then keep up your bikini habits, beaus you will regret it if you don't.
Think back to the hours at the gym, the sweat, the accomplishment, the confidence that you gained getting your version of a bikini body. Now think about to the anxiety you felt in Spring, sucking in your stomach when you passed a window display of bathing suits, stressing about the kick off to summer pool party.

Do you really want to feel that way again?

Summer is an awesome time to kick start your health faze, be it eating better, working out more, or just finding ways to feel confident when the weather requires way less covering up. Keep that going and you will feel just as confident come Halloween, New Years Eve, Valentines Day and when Memorial day comes around again, you will feel even better then you did at the end of last summer.

Don't throw away your hard work for a sweater.

Keep it up and treat yourself to an even better one.