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Frequently called "the Simon Cowell of cooking", Gordon Ramsay has made a pretty bad name for himself over the years, especially on the Internet where making someone into a meme has never been easier.
It turns out Gordon Ramsay might not be as terrible as the Internet led us to believe. In a Reddit Ask Me Anything he did recently, he gave an aspiring chef some really great advice and even offered to hand his resume to a couple of restaurants. What a guy!

Here's his full text response to a young chef who describes being pretty burnt out (cooking pun intended!!!!) Honestly, it's pretty good advice for anyone feeling drained at work.

AND he offers to pass him resume around! Shout out to Reddit for professional networking!

Sorry for all the hate Gordon, next time I see a mean meme of you, I'll try a little harder not to laugh.
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this is so nice!! i love the memes and him but its nice to see a softer side. also being a personal chef on a boat must be awesomeeeeesee