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Ruka Urushibara Cosplay
The cosplayer, kaorucross, did such a great job capturing the emotional stress Ruka must have endured while growing up.
A close friend of Mayuri Shiina and so-called protégé of Rintarou Okabe. While feminine in appearance and personality, Ruka is a male. Mayuri is his classmate, who often attempts to coerce him into cosplaying (without much success). Ruka is very sensitive and emotional, as simple sudden responses from Rintarou can cause him to cry or tremble. He harbors deep feelings for Rintarou, ever since their first encounter in Akihabara. (steins-gate.wikia.com)
Wow, so beautiful!
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The English dubbed version of Steins;Gate was very good. Ruka is one of my favorite characters.
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