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When I was a senior in high school, my guidance counselor gave me a great idea for mythe college essay I would be sending to the schools I was applying to. He asked me what three people I would most like to have dinner with and why. Alive or dead, the three people I would most like to have the opportunity to speak with in a causal setting.
For the sake of this hypothetical situation, I superceded language barriers, assuming that everyone at the table could perfectly understand one another. The people I wanted to speak to at the time have remained the same, though I imagine the conversation would be a little more enlightened now (on my part) now that I'm older.
I'm curious to hear what people my vingle friends would consider for their own version of this. @ellieDean @DanRodriguez @Buddyesd @MattK95 @tessstevens @lizarnone @paulisaverage @poojas

Hayao Miyazaki

Studio Ghibli's films have been a major influence in my life. The narratives built in movies like Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and Nausicaa are all stories that I love for many reasons. The art of the films is another major draw for me. I love the reference paid to nature and to the connection between people and spirituality. I feel like I could learn a lot about art in general from Miyazaki.

Dave Eggers

I'd really want to have the opportunity to speak with Dave Eggers. My favorite book of all time is his memoir A heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, and I've read a bunch of his other work and it's really stuck with me. I appreciate his work as I fancy myself a writer and I think his style of magical realism and relaistic fiction is a style I'd most like to emulate.

Max Bemis

The music of Say Anything has been with me through all my formative years and still to this day. I even have a tattoo that is a lyric from the song "Spidersong" by them. Max Bemis, the frontrunner, seems like just the type of guy I'd want to drink a beer (or 12) with. His music has been monumentally important to me, getting me through tough times when I needed them to, and helping me celebrate the good times. I'd want to raise a glass to him if for nothing but just that.
Well I definitely agree with Miyazaki ^^
Definitely Miyazaki-Sensei. But I would also like to talk to Maya Angelou and Martin Luther King, Jr.
@MattK95 You will have to fight me for dinner with Toklien lol. I have too many LOTR questions for him XD
JRR Tolkien, Audrey Hepburn, and Miyazaki \(^-^)/
@poojas @elliedean oh man, Maya Angelou would also be awesome. audre lorde I'm thinking now too.
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