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Anime crushes are basically the worst XD. Which is why you should consider writing about yours. Inspired by @Arellano1052, @VinMcCarthy, @DanRodriguez, and @shannonl5, I've decided to share my own anime crushes with you guys.

Decim (Death Parade)

Decim is a tall, pale and blue-eyes bartender that is a main character in the anime Death Parade. He appears to be devoid of emotions but he is actually very compassionate and understanding of others and also extremely protective of those close to him. I like him because he is smart and sensitive but also not a show-off.

Zero (Vampire Knight)

Zero is a tall, silver-haired vampire hunter in the anime Vampire Knight. He is outwardly cold and distant but very kind and gentle to the people that he cares about. While he is friendly towards the few good vampire friends of his, he is a badass vampire hunter. Zero basically goes through some of the worst situations in the anime but still comes out strong and that's what I admire about him.

Takumi (Kaichou Wa Maid Sama)

Takumi is the tall, blonde-haired and green-eyed male lead in the anime Maid Sama. He is handsome and athletic, but really he is a dorky guy that likes troll people. What's not to like about that? LOL. Takumi reminds me of a lot of the K-pop idols that I like, no wonder he made this list haha.

L (Deathnote)

L is the mysterious and interesting investigator in the anime Deathnote. He is the textbook example of super-smart-but-also-a-weird-goofball. He is obsessed with sugar and has some very weird habits such as crouching whenever he sits and holding his phone from the top-down. And he's adorable! L IS THE BEST.
Hope you had fun reading this list! I hope to see more of you make your own anime crush cards XD
Yay Takumi and Zero made the list!
No Natsu! No Edward! No Kaneki! D:
zero is my husband
lol its fine @poojas. :3
@poojas IKR?! That was the best plot twist ever xD
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