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When it comes to the world of beauty, we are know it alls.

Admit it. When your best friend brings up that lipstick collection coming out, you bask at the idea of mentioning that you knew about the collection two weeks prior. You jump down anyones throat who doesn't follow the most popular makeup artists on Instagram and you can't stand when people get the names of well-known MAC lipsticks mixed up. You're a beauty snob. It's okay, we all have a little bit of snobbish ways inside of us, but that doesn't mean that you know every single detail when it comes to beauty. If you did, you wouldn't constantly be browsing blogs for information.
Thanks to Loreal's brand ambassador Vanessa Hernandez, we are getting the deets on skin tips and tricks that could save us all a little bit of frustration. I mean c'mon, it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain ones beauty and as much as we would like to know every single tip there is, we don't -- but we might be able to with the help of someone who lives and works in the beauty industry. If you're willing to put your know it all ways to the side and learn a thing or two, keep reading.

Skip Night Time Exfoliation

We all do it -- exfoliating at night time, but word on the streets according to Vanessa Hernandez is that exfoliating in the morning might just be a little more beneficial. Exfoliating in the morning will not only get your blood flowing while giving your skin a fresh glow and a rosy finish. Start off incorporating this into your regime once a week and work your way up depending on how your skin cooperates.

Skip The Nose And Keep It Moving

When it comes to moisturizing your face and applying primers, skip your nose. Your nose is prone to oiliness and blackheads [we all hate them]. To prevent this always skip your nose when applying a product to your face. You will be glad Vanessa hipped you to this important bit of knowledge. Say goodbye to oily t-zones for good.

If You Drive, Keep Them Tinted

Your windows that is. Tinting your windows or getting a clear film [as Hernandez requests] helps prevent sun damage, skin cancer and those dreadful wrinkles we all are not looking forward to.

Bet you didn't know those three interesting beauty facts.

Now spread the word and put them to use.
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