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Apujeong Rodeo

We started the day off by visiting kstar road. It's supposedly an area with hangout spots that idols like to go to, but to me it seemed mostly just a road with bears along it lol It's on Apgujeong Rodeo in Gangnam, so the pricey area that imitates Rodeo Drive in America. There's a lot of expensive stores like Armani, MCM, Prada, etc.
Next we went by one of the SM buildings that was on kstar road. I guess it was under construction and being turned into a shop... Then we went by Min's which is the cafe owned by 2AM's Changmin. BTS is known to go there very often and the lady asked me if I was a fan, which of course I said yes, so she suggested their favorite drinks. We got them and a mini waffle. We walked the streets for a bit, and I stopped in Etude House to get some makeup. Our next stop was Coreanos, which is a Mexican-Korean fusion restaurant. I had their famous kimcheese fries, and they were to die for.


We went by JYP and then on to Cube Entertainment/cafe. I think someone was leaving JYP at the time, but of course I couldn't see in the van. At Cube we sat in the cafe for a little while, which is actually linked to their studio. Nothing much happened there lol


We visited Kamong cafe which is owned by EXO Kai's sister. I picked the waffle with green tea ice cream and a cookies and cream kamongcchino, which were absolutely delicious.


We finished the day at the COEX Mall, which included shopping, an aquarium, and SM Town. I bought a shirt from A-land , which is a popular store among young adults. Then we went to the aquarium, but I'm going to make an entire card just for that, because I have so many pictures and the fish were awesome. Next was SM Town, and the pictures pretty much explain themselves. I think we might take a studio tour later in the week.
We headed back out to eat and go to our hotel. We stopped at small, Chinese-esque restaurant to have jjajangmyeon and tangsuyuk. At a convenient store near our hotel I found the ice cream that they're always eating in kdramas. It tasted like homemade ice cream made with Bordon's chocolate milk. I included a picture of my blisters because Seoul involves SOOOO much walking. I had to go get bandaids in like the first 5 minutes. Everyone uses the subway, and they're actually really nice compared to those in America. Most people are very polite, and suuuuper well dressed. It's pretty late here, and I feel like I'm fixing to ramble, so I'm going to stop for now lol I barely have any free time except for just before bed, but I keep falling asleep in the middle of making a card, so please bare with me and my slowness XD
And a heads up, I did go to M Countdown yesterday, and was in a really good spot to sneak pictures, so I'll be putting up a card about that tonight. I EVEN SAW GD&TOP! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
I am so living through you right now haha. I'm drooling over all of the food pics lol. looking forward to your next card!!
I have so much to say but mainly THAT WAFFLE LOOKS AMAZING. But also THANK YOU for sharing all this with us - your time there looks amazing!!!! I love the whole idea of Cube Cafe :3
thank you so much!
@B2utyrisa I don't mind at all!
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