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An ode to all you kids rumbling off to college: kick ass!
Dear Lucky Bastards,
Keep your head up.
Always look forward, but never straight ahead.
Never stop learning, wishing or dreaming.
Things will get ugly, but that's the best part.
Make new friends, keep the old.
But only if they make your life better.
Enjoy the present and let go of the past.
There is nothing that can define you now.
Make mistakes and don't shut down.
Create something new, but respect what came before.
Don't bury yourself in books and assignments.
Work hard and kill your doubt.
Get out. Party. Kick back and laugh.
Enjoy the sun and the rain.
Walk to class.
Get lit.
Get bent.
Miss a few days of school.
Get on the path, but take the jagged one.
Most of all: recognize that your generation may not value you.
And don't let that stop you from doing exactly what you want.
You've got the opportunity to fuck up as much as possible and have another change.
So work hard, live fast and take it all in. Because before you know it: You'll be out in the AfterLife, where things are twice as hard, half as fun, and completely different than you'd imagine.
Take your time. Be still. Listen to the sirens, and when you feel like it's right...jump off the cliff.
You'll thank yourself.

Let go and walk tall, because the world is right where you want it.

Things move fast, and before you know it: It'll be over.
Good luck.