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Summer is coming to a close and while I love the beach, swimming, and the all around debauchery that comes with the summer territory, Fall is fast approaching and I can not wait.
Because Fall is the greatest season ever, and it isn't just because the colors look amazing with my ginger hair.

1. The trees really are beautiful.

I know the leaves are dying and all, but the bright colors just look incredible. Plus the crunchy sound when you step on them is my favorite.

2. Two words: Sweater Weather.

Gone are the sweaty days and shorts with crop tops. The sun is shiny and the air is brisk but not yet cold enough to confine you to a huge, bulky jacket. Big sweaters, button up sweaters, your Dads old sweaters, it all works and it all looks great.

3. Warm days but cooler nights.

Speaking of the weather, fall is perfect because the days are still warm enough to play outside, take a walk or go to a drive-in but when night comes it is perfect sleeping temperature.

4. No one yells at you when you just want to curl up and chill at home.

Sometimes you just want to have a relaxing night at home reading or watching TV by yourself. Fall is the perfect time for that because everyone is back at school, back at work, or feeling just as cuddly. Its a guilt free day indoors.

5. Speaking about #4, there is way less pressure to go crazy and have "epic" nights.

Everyone feels like if they don't have an even crazier summer then last summer it was a fail. That means going out a lot, sleeping less, and beach weekend trips as much as possible. There is so much pressure to go crazy that it can get a bit old sometimes. A calm, relaxing weekend with friends is exactly what cozy fall calls for.

6. Your electric bill isn't nearly as high because of AC.

So not all of you have AC (I only just got it last month), but even if you don't have it, the cooler nights will be a relief for you as well! But for those with AC, good luck with your electric bill come September. It will suck.

7. Apple picking, apple cider, APPLE CIDER DOUGHNUTS.

The apple cider doughnuts dipped in apple cider is pretty much the most amazing thing ever. And you can apple pick in sweaters, hell yeah.

8. Halloween is the greatest holiday because haunted houses, hay rides and the 13 mights of halloween are the shit.

Halloween season is the best! Dressing up, bobbing for apples, watching scary movies and pretty much everything else that happens around October is the best. You can't help but feel like a kid again, no matter what age you are.
I love fall. It's the greates season ever. I love the weather, I love the colors, I love the clothes, I love everything about it. Even tho, the nature is kind of dying, I feel like I'm comming alive. I love the fall/winter half of year much more than spring/summer. Especially spring, I hate spring.
alright I definitely prefer summer to fall but I can't argue with numbers 7 & 8. I love Halloween so much. Plus my birthday is in the fall so that's also a plus.
some of it yes (like trees) some of it no (like leafs). And of course, it depends on how you look at it. @HermitRay :)
@rodiziketan I think it's not dying, it's just falling asleep :)
@rodiziketan hahaha yeah i am way more of a fall winter kind of gal
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