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Jet Surfing is the New Extreme Water Sport of your Dreams
“Bro, do you even surf?” Yes, yes you do. And you don’t even need waves to do it. The Jet Surf is essentially a surfboard with an engine in it to propel you thought the water. And it’s majestic.
Similar to wake-boarding (without the boat) the rider just hops on the board, and can move throughout any body of water. You can even use it on real waves to be propelled even more.
It works like this: it contains a 17 HP engine and a 2.5 litres fuel capacity, so it can take you up to 57 km/hr around in the water for about 1 hour.
Ok, the intro is a little dramatic, but bare with me and watch it’s entirety. Is anyone else stunned, amazing, and wants one of the Jet Surfers right now?!? Yes please.

First I was like...

What is this?! WAAAHH?

Then I was all...

Dear mom and dad,
For Christmas or my Birthday, I would like one of these please.
It’s only around $16,000...