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What is the Deadpool fandom like?

This is the final card in my Deadpool for beginners series.

I hope you've enjoyed reading them as much as I've enjoyed writing and talking with you all! This card is going to be all about the cosplayers, fic writers, and fanartists.
In the first part of this series, we talked about Deadpool's history in the comics, how he developed as a satirical character, and the reason his characterization doesn't seem consistent.
In the second part of this series, we talked about the extremely different views that fans have about the character, and why those views are both valid.


If you've been to a convention in the past five years, you know that Deadpool cosplayers have really stepped up. They're more ubiquitous than the Jesus cosplayers of the early 2000s. And for the most part, these cosplayers have been as playful as the character.
While there have been some complaints about Deadpool cosplayers using their costume as an excuse to harass people, this is unfortunately not an issue limited to this one character, and is part of the greater conversation about appropriate convention behavior going on right now.

Take a look at these amazing (and hilarious) cosplayers:

Clearly these folks know how to have fun in-character.

Cosplayer D-Piddy is one of the most famous Deadpool cosplayers.

He was actually in an issue of Deadpool (#5). You can see some of his work above, and the best answers to his Reddit AMA below.

Sounds like a good life.

Emulating the character, Deadpool cosplayers are a fusion of pop culture references, hilarious escapades, and irreverent humor. This is true of fanworks as well...

This AMAZING fanvid by Bean Dip Productions is exactly like reading the comics.

It's a brilliant homage. Deadpool even talks to the friendly yellow box hovering above his head (you know, the box that comic book artists use to illustrate the internal thoughts of the characters). Deadpool is a character that is either completely out of touch with reality, or so in touch with it that nobody else gets him.
And sometimes the internet takes it even further.

Which brings me to fanworks.

The Deadpool fandom was fairly small until recently. He was an obscure character that only existed in the comic books. After his appearance in the Wolverine film, new fans became more interested in the character. Which means that fanart and fanfiction have become more common.
The above are screen shots from Archive of Our Own. Some fanworks adopt the same style and tone as the comics. Some deviate. Others expand upon what's known about the character and the universe he exists in.
This includes shipping (you can find an explanation of shipping here). Popular ships include Haryelpool (Harley Quinn and Deadpool), Cable/Deadpool, and Spideypool (Spider-Man and Deadpool).

Fandom is free to interpret the characters.

Unlike the studios, which are restricted by budgets, film rights (Deadpool is not owned by Marvel studios), and film release schedules, fans don't have to worry about any of that. They can create to their heart's content. And who knows? One day, those fans might be among the next generation of comic book writers and artists. Their fanworks might be our new canon.

That's Deadpool!

I really hope everyone enjoyed this journey through Deadpool's history. This was a really fun project to research! If you have any more questions about the character or the fandom let me know in the comments and I'll try my best to answer them!
@buddyesd with all that he's put her through, I hope Harley leaves him in the dust! @merryjayne13 I think a lot of people feel the same way!
Okay, I have dibs on Deadpool in the stray jacket!
@buddyesd that is 100% a movie I want to see now XD @purplem00n23 me too! They're so playful and a lot of them are really cool to talk to. Usually if you ask they have recommendations for which writers to start with and which comic arcs are the best. Plus they take really funny pictures :D
awesome. love gangnam style video!! freaking hilarious!! that's why it was the cosplayers that got me into Deadpool.
@shannonl5 I would love to see Harley Quinn and deadpool in a crossover, how would the joker deal with it? please please please!!!!!
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