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You'll Never Be A Celebrity

You're told from a very young age how special you are and how talented you are. You think you're God's gift to the world. If Mom says I'm awesome, she can't be lying.

You yearn to be in the spotlight and you know you're a STAR. Even your horoscope says that today is going to be great and your Chinese fortune cookie said good things are coming your way. Your lucky number is 7.

You dream of the day where you'll be able to impress that kid from your math class who told you that only Doctors and Lawyers are good paying jobs. Or impressing the popular kids who never paid attention to you. You're gonna be famous.

You can see yourself super important walking down the Red Carpet.

You're super excited to sit in ridiculous interviews where they ask you questions that are so mind numbingly stupid. "What's your favorite air freshener?" they ask.

You are a celebrity so you can reveal your true passions and have zero judgement.

You're also super rich so that's AWESOME.

And then reality sets in...

You're never going to be famous. There's school, and a job, and family matters to attend to. And you still live in your small town. That's okay though, most people never become famous.


this is sad :(
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Start your own company and celebs will work for you
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